Crux  by Susan Mehr


PHOTO PROMPT © Douglas M. MacIlroy

The hum of machines is no more, and pollution yields while the crisp scent of nature fills the air. As far as your eyes can see dew glitters, and the sun brings life to another day while a breeze amplifies an eerie whistle of a familiar rhyme.

“Ring a Ring o’ Roses.
A pocketful of posies.
a-tishoo, a-tishoo
We all fall down.”

I fly from one windowsill to another and gaze inside their human prisons. I never thought I’d see the day when I’m the observer and humans pace the same as caged animals. Is this the fate of humanity?



Rochelle Wisoff-Fields-Addicted to Purple

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52 thoughts on “CRUX

  1. Ironic It Is Humans Domesticated, Slaved,
    Imprisoned Wild Animals
    To Eat And Love…
    This Domestication
    Of Wild Animals
    Is The Origin
    Of The Common
    Cold, Flu, And Most
    All Other Disease
    That Historically
    Speaking Wiped
    Numbers of
    Human Beings
    Off The Earth… Sadder
    Still Now With Agriculture,
    Industrialization, And
    The ‘Terminator’
    Age of Information
    Technology We
    As Humans
    Have Domesticated
    Ourselves To the Point
    That We Are Clothed
    Away From
    All That
    Is Call of The
    Wild… So Many have
    Even Lost their
    To Even
    Howl At the
    Moon For What is
    Lost in Deed… i Found
    My Howl Again Long
    Ago… i Begin to Hear
    A Refrain
    Others too.. the
    Circle of Karma
    Balance of Living
    Loving Wild And
    Free What We Take
    Away From Others
    We Take Away
    From We…
    No Escaping
    Of Karma
    Only Balance
    Now Breathing
    Love For Breath In Deed🎶

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    1. Scary. I use to work in a hospital and I remember the lengths the nursing staff and doctors go-to for a single case of tuberculosis. Insanely scary what is happening in the hospitals now. Thanks for your comment.


  2. I love the picture with the bird next to a human-animal-made object: the telephone. Your words are beautifully written, inspiring, reflective of this strange situation we are all experiencing at present and worldwide. The bird’s perpective is easier to understand:

    Currently non-human animals are enjoying greater freedom than locked down human animals. Now the latter, all of us confined in our homes, should learn to finally understand how it feels to be in a cage for non-human animals.

    Look at this flourishing of non-human animals:

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    1. How easily the tables turn. I read a statement/letter addressed to the Casinos, “Its not fun when you’re loosing money.” Thanks for your comments and for the web site. I will have a look.

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