WISH by Susan Mehr

At this moment, words disappear. Alone I stand on parched soils searching for the truth. My deployment is at an end. Still, the ability to recall echoes of your laughter helps endless days begin. Even though your miles away, my journey home’s not far. Memories of our sweet embrace unearth a fight to keep taking steps forward. I hunger for the day when the mere sight of you once again steals my breath. When will people realise war isn’t a winning game? A world away, I flick a silver coin into the air, and dare make a solemn wish.


For Friday Fictioneers

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25 thoughts on “WISH

  1. A soldier’s letter (or email, or text these days) to his sweetheart. I love to read those and many beautiful ones haven’t been written over the centuries. Yours ranks right up there near the top.
    Great closing line.

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    1. Thanks for your comment. I have had the privilege and sad opportunity of reading real soldier’s letters and they really strip away the human soul. What was going on in these soldier’s minds, only one can guess. in my opinion, they are the story tellers and true poets.

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