Panic and Hope



PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot


Friday Fictioneers


Panic and Hope


Time is racing. How do we fight when the body is beyond repair? Even when the odds pile against us? Do we still have the strength? Why live to hope, when all that’s left is empty space. Can’t find the faith, lost the fight inside, as innocent lives slip through our hands. Hope’s so far away.
We need to care, not let weakness be the stronger. We are standing together yet still prisoners inside our skin. Dreams do not die, maybe tomorrow the shelves won’t be empty and hope the end isn’t miles away.




53 thoughts on “Panic and Hope

  1. Hi Susan, I read your blog about Panic and Hope, as I had written a blog as well about Panic, and wanted to see what else was written about it. Well done!! loved reading the comments of the other readers as well–obviously your poetry has struck a chord in many others. If you are curious about my piece, here is a link to it:

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