Photo Prompt Dale Rogerson

For Friday Fictioneers


The audience stands.
Deafening claps of thunder.
Casts bow and curtsey.

They take to the stage.
Their story had to be told.
Legendary epic.

Hero, heroine.
Finding passion in their eyes.
Theatregoers cry.

They come together.
Danger, valour and courage.
For this could be love.

Cast members gather.
Reaching high for the stars.
Becoming worthy.

See their names flicker.
Shine in a thousand spotlights.
Can it be enough?

Strive to be the best.
Give it one’s best shot for fame.
Greatest love of all.

The final encore.
End scene will live forever.
Hold on to the dream.



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For Friday Fictioneers


100 words fiction in the form of a eight stanza Haiku




Photo Prompt by Dawn Miller


SCARED by S Mehr


My vision’s a blur and I’m shaking in a cold sweat. ‘Deep breaths,’ I repeat. I can see the red barn. Not far now. I keep blinking while my shaking hand flicks strands of hair from over my eyes. A musky smell fills the air. Eyes widen. My hand drips all the way down to the elbow, I’m soaked with blood. My glance lowers. Toes squish the warm bloodied mud I’m standing in. What’s going on? I’m shaking and my mouth opens, but nothing comes out.
A hand falls on my shoulder. I turn.
“Why did you stop? Keep running!”


Friday fictioneers

21 February 2020