22 thoughts on “Inspire

    1. Thanks for your comment. Yes I have to check out Mario’s last post. Hopefully I will get round to it by this evening. I’m sorry, I’ve been offline the last couple of days, I had some pre-op tests done. Everything is well, hopefully I’ll have the OK by the Doctor next week to have a procedure. It’s crazy, a couple of days offline and so many messages. I would not miss out on reading Mario’s and your work. You are both very talented writers. I do admire Mario’s expression in his writing and through his writing I’m learning POV through a Male’s eyes. And not to forget your writing and how you exude so much passion and strength and your attitude on issues is always on point. Hope you had a good weekend, Cheers. Susan.

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      1. You are kindly welcome, Susan. So glad you like Mario’s writing. Yes, I am also learning the male perspective on the themes he deals with. And thank you for your glorious feeback on my work. I like that you think I am able to exude passion and strength. That is exactly the point. Thank you again!

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