hope 3


Hope by Susan Mehr

“New futures await us in the stars.” Sam’s whispers fill my ear. Behind me he stands slipping his arms around my waist drawing me against him. His lips press against my cheek and in that moment, I enjoy a man who understands the value of a gentle caress and soft-spoken words.

“I’m not afraid,” I reply. Swallowing the air in my throat, I know Sam’s mind feels my thoughts.

“Don’t be scared. You’ll wake up every single day, only knowing peace. Fear, will no longer exist and new things will start to happen for us.”

Raindrops hit my cheeks or are they tears? “Does it rain on your home planet? Does the Moon shine as it does on Earth?” Fighting the fear, I watch the space pod descend and flicker in the night sky.

“There’s three Moons actually. It rains the purest water you will ever taste. We’ll breathe the cleanest air,” Sam pauses, taking a deep breath. “I’ve waited so long to return home. I never imagined I’d be taking you.”

I turn in his arms. A nervous excitement fills his eyes and where the fire of life seemed extinguished, now flashes with brilliant light.

“It’s a place where all living beings and nature coexist in harmony. There is no war, no poverty and no disease; this new world is factual. Our mortality will extend ten folds maybe more. It’s twenty nineteen and as horrible as it seems the present Earth is a sick hell. Not only is this planet dying with a disregard of natural resources and pollution, but humans also continue to segregate fellow humans by race, the colour of their skin, by country, religion and the list continues. There are world leaders wasting time building walls. Whether or not they build walls, psychological walls remain well established. Humans cannot find peace with their differences how can they find peace with us, hybrids.” Sam said, his face now clouds with sadness.

My brow furrows with concern. “There’re individuals on Earth who care, who believe there’s a better life and can coexist. Sam, there’re men, women, children, and babies dying, and we do nothing? Why can’t we help them?”

“Pete, I love you, but I alone can’t save your planet. It’s not what I or we should do, it’s the fate of Earth’s humanity, they must show the universe’s Elan Vital they want to change, they must unify, or they will die. You and for those who helped us, we offer asylum.”

I look away, trying to find the courage to accept the truth which leaves Sam’s mouth. “I’ll never see Earth again!”

“Never say never. Now isn’t the time. I want you to see how we live, the importance of freedom and peace. I hope one day we’ll return with a purpose to show humanity how great the Earth could be. Now is our time, it’s a special time for us. We can no longer hide in the desert within Arnhem Land. It’s not safe for you and me and…” Sam’s smile etches deeper as his palm gently rubs my belly.

16 thoughts on “HOPE

  1. Beautifully written, Susan. A sweet and tender account as far as the relationship between Sam and Pete, and eloquent in the critique of humanity’s evil-doings on Earth. This piece could even be the beginning of a novel because it has an element of intrigue and thus, as a reader, it makes you want to know more.

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