Haiku Ballad ~ Park Bench

Haiku Ballad #3

Park Bench by Susan Mehr




Sandwiches ‘n’ tea.
Summer picnics, you and me,
Under shades of trees.

Crisp Winter’s snuggles,
Steeling sunlight, we loiter,
Warmth amidst cool breeze.

Spring flowers, warm bursts,
Smiles infect, our hearts sing,
Perfect melodies.

Lost in time we sit,
Days pass, you stay here with me,
Fulfilling life’s dreams.

Time waits for no one,
Weathered leaves, rustle and creek,
New dawn shapes the morn.

Autumn days begin,
Your face, no more before me,
Emptiness I see.

Two now become one,
So many stories to tell,
Picnics are no more.

Heart fills with sorrow,
Life flashes before my eyes,
Drowning in despair.

Sadness overwhelms,
Many times, I’m so afraid.
Where am I going?

First glow creeps, Dawn peeps,
Your soft words still comfort me,
Dancing a crusade.

Memories flicker,
Magical moments, lips kiss,
Hidden behind trees.

Two sets of footprints,
In silence, they leave their mark,
Friendship beyond words.

I will promise you,
Forged with tears, torn from my heart.
I’ll always be here.

Now alone I sit,
Cat purrs a welcome ‘hello’,
A friend you sent me.

3 thoughts on “Haiku Ballad ~ Park Bench

  1. Gorgeous imagery with references to the passing of time and each year’s seasons. I like the contrasts you provide with the good moments and the bad ones that lead to loneliness, emptiness and despair. Also, I like the cat’s presence in the end, so comforting.

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