“I Have a Dream.”*

The Dream of Dreams.

The country grows in Diversity.

Underneath the Great Southern Cross.


The Dream of Dreams.

Seared in our Hearts.

Underneath the Great Southern Cross.

People Unite, their Birthplace Proud.


Seared in our Hearts.

Freedom and Hope.

People Unite, their Birthplace Proud.

We Achieve, Together as One.


Freedom and Hope,

Travel the road, Belief.

We Achieve, Together as One.

Human Spirit, I Love the Dream.
*Martin Luther King, Jr.




The late 1700s a nation adorns.

Afghan cameleers establish outback transport,

the Great Southern Rail, the Ghan is born.


Liberalism, radicalism, Eureka Stockade.

Gold rushes, prosperity,

A Government self-made.


Celebrated in song, literature, and art.

Melba, Patterson and Lawson,

Albert Namatjira made his mark.


Egalitarianism, freedom, and hope.

People, mateship,

viewing pictures inside a kaleidoscope.


Hand on my heart, I have a dream,

perpetual peace,

the ultimate scheme.


People unite their Birthplace Proud.

I believe. We’ll achieve.

Here and Now!




Australian’s possess the knowledge to allure,
A complete range of foods, a keen eye, a connoisseur.

Meat Ball Mondays, topped with cheese and in tomato sauce, they drown,
amongst mounds of spaghetti, gnocchi and linguine enough to go around.

Tuesdays, Taco, Nachos, Gazpacho and Tortillas,
fresh salads, sharp salsas and chillies for thrillers.

Weiner Schnitzel Wednesdays with mash and peas,
topped with gravy and garlic mushroom. Yes, please!

Tandoori Thursdays come around with ease,
chicken fiery red as sunsets that’s the key.

Fried Rice Fridays with Stir Fry galore,
veggies abundant enough to adore.

Saffron Rice Saturdays scented with fresh coriander and ground cumin,
in a sea of Kormas and Kabobs is where I find them loom-in.

Sunday is my day to rest.
Time for the hubby to try his best.
I relax with a stubby and wait for the cue,
to smell the aroma of an old fashion Bar Be Que!

Who are you?


Who are you?

by Ayesha and Susan Mehr


Starlight, Starbright.
First star I see from Earth tonight.
Are you a star?
Who are you?

Are you Mercury or Venus?
The closest, you orbit our sun,
Scorched landscapes glow.
Such gruesomeness spun.

Are you Mars?
Am I peering in the wrong direction!
Twinkling so bright,
Ready for my inspection.

Or are you Jupiter or Saturn?
Hiding behind the Asteroid Belt.
Pelting your light,
With all God’s might.

Maybe you’re Uranus or Neptune?
Luminous ice diamonds,
Singing the perfect tune.
Like the sea’s serenading Sirens.

Now drizzling across the sky
Appears the milky way.
As beautiful as butterflies.
Again, I have to say.
Starlight, Starbright.
You’re the first star I see from earth tonight.

Haiku Ballad #2



Haiku Ballad #2

Mind sits and wonders,
Emptiness erupts inside,
Living life alone.

Fragile walls break down,
Tsunami of tears follows,
Loneliness returns.

Worthy cause I’m not,
Angel wings stretch out for flight,
Rogue feather finds me.

Head turns, Angel winks,
Hope blossoms excites my heart,
Thanks for priceless gift.

OPEN: Comment-a-Haiku Poetry Contest!

Vita Brevis Press

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Get ready for Vita Brevis‘ third comment-a-haiku poetry contest! Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Submit one or two 5-7-5 haiku as a comment on this post (give them titles!) — all topics are welcome
  2. Reblog this post on your blog or write a post announcing that you’ve entered the competition, linking back here
  3. Give good feedback on other poets’ work! [This is what it’s really about–you’ll be receiving good feedback, so try to give it to others as well]

RewardHonestly, this is less about “winning” and more about meeting and communicating with other poets. But I will choose some honorable mentions, and I’ll officially publish the winning haiku on Vita Brevis (with a link to the poet’s blog). Not a bad deal!

When: Starting right now (10/18), ending Sunday night (10/21)

Results: I get a lot of comments on these–give me a few…

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30 Word Story Challenge

30-word-story-challenge (2)

Story 1
I crouch beside my brother and peer across the bed. “I bought them.”
“Now let’s wait till they wake up.”
“Mum, can we play the iPad?”

Story 2
‘Damn, how I hate Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.’

Story 3
Deep breath. Stretch arm, hand and fingers parallel to the floor. Hold still and relax.
Let hand fall on top of the snooze button.
Exercise is done, back to sleep.