HAIKU BALLAD by Susan Mehr

In all innocence,
Nature dances once again,
And Melody sings.

Vein on neck pulsates,
Your soft caresses slow time,
And love embraces.

Souls fire burns warm,
Eyes twinkle, dimples appear,
All I ever dream.


Comment-a-Haiku Poetry Contest! – Submit Your Poem

Vita Brevis Press

You all loved the last Comment-a-Haiku Competition, so let’s give it another go! Here’s What You Need to Know:

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Vita Brevis  is hosting another four-day haiku competition– taking place entirely in the comment section of  this post!

How to Submit:

1. Submit one 5-7-5 haiku as a comment on this post — all topics welcome

2. Reblog this post on your blog or write a post announcing that you’ve entered the competition, linking back here

3. Give good feedback on other commenters’ work! [This is what it’s really about–you’ll be receiving good feedback, so try to give it to others as well]

Reward: Honestly, this is less about “winning” and more about meeting and communicating with other poets.But we will choose some honorable mentions, and we’ll publish our favorite haiku on the front page of our online poetry magazine (with a link to the poet’s blog)

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Nature by Susan Mehr


Haiku one…

Autumn, Winter, Spring,
Life wakes, Babes are born, Earth sings.
Then Summer explodes.


Haiku two…

A sprinkle of Sun,
Unfolds a carpet of blooms,
And Rain starts to cry.