TOTO by Susan Mehr

I scratch a flea, ready to follow,
A yellow brick road, not so hollow.
When one becomes two, becomes three, becomes four.
The need is greater than ever before.

Regardless of the journey, the quest, the happiness they seek.
Affecting only the appearance, the package, the dream they keep.
They overlook the essential part which is unique,
The substance of friendship, they elevate to its peak.

How important to greet with a smile, a hug and a kiss.
An act of the heart, a true bliss.
When true friendship gains, inner happiness postpones,
They are laying down others needs before their own.




16 thoughts on “TOTO

  1. Ah.. Yes.. ToTo iN LiGHT A Most
    ImPortant Cast Member iN Truth
    oF aLL For Toto enComPasses
    A Virtue oF iNTuiTioN aLWays
    wHaT iS
    ReAlly Real from:
    more nowthanthennow wHat
    Is Covered With Cultural Clothes (Lies)..:)

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  2. I’m so pleased you chose Toto, my favourite character, Susan! The rhyme scheme is very effective; it feels like Toto trotting alongside Dorothy, skipping down the Yellow Brick Road. I love the way the poem starts with ‘I scratch a flea’ and the way that stanza swells with the growing group., And the final lines sum it all up beautifully.

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