PERFECT by Susan Mehr.

Ten little fingers and ten little toes,
cherry red lips, and eyes that glow.
Hair black as night and skin white as snow,
an infectious smile, my heart overflows.

Lying in my arms, looking into your eyes,
your dazzling glare, you mesmerise.
Cooing, comfortable in natures cradle.
Your first glimpse loving and playful.

Breathless, my first time cradling you,
playing our first game peek-a-boo.
Eyes darting about like a bumblebee,
I answer back I’m your Marmee.

You’re everything my life has tried to find,
alluring beauty redefined.
Last Autumn flower blossoms in the shadows,
A rare beauty my enchanting Desert Rose.

I promise you, knowing how much it means,
I love you, I will never leave.
I’ll be there for you, to inspire, to be,
Whatever’s in your destiny.

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