PERFECT by Susan Mehr.

Ten little fingers and ten little toes,
cherry red lips, and eyes that glow.
Hair black as night and skin white as snow,
an infectious smile, my heart overflows.

Lying in my arms, looking into your eyes,
your dazzling glare, you mesmerise.
Cooing, comfortable in natures cradle.
Your first glimpse loving and playful.

Breathless, my first time cradling you,
playing our first game peek-a-boo.
Eyes darting about like a bumblebee,
I answer back I’m your Marmee.

You’re everything my life has tried to find,
alluring beauty redefined.
Last Autumn flower blossoms in the shadows,
A rare beauty my enchanting Desert Rose.

I promise you, knowing how much it means,
I love you, I will never leave.
I’ll be there for you, to inspire, to be,
Whatever’s in your destiny.




GRACE by Susan Mehr

Step! Two three and again
step two now – turn around

voice receding
centrifugal distant tracking
rhythm rises
drum  …  beat
light deepening


‘No! … Back in we go.’
‘But … I can’t!’
‘Don’t worry, I’ll lead.’
‘I’m like a Hippo in a tutu!’
‘At least you’re my Hippo!’ 🙂










CHEEZE by Susan Mehr

Little boy, big voice, having fun, cheeky grin.
Stepping out, he chose, emerging, his first win.
He displays bravery and courage also discipline.
He is never flustered falling in a tale spin.

Adjustments, three wheels instead of two.
Redefining success he must do.
Proud he’s an Aussie Kangaroo.
Setting out to impress that’s his cue.

Focus to inspire and achieve.
Wearing emotions on his sleeve.
Winning his race to believe.
Spins his web in his own weave.

Rosie cheeks his face in a blush.
His hair matted, messy, unbrushed.
Not wanting to spend a lifetime hushed.
Anchored hence lingers through life unrushed.

Breaking every rule
To inspire, his fuel.
Besides, he is nobody’s fool.
Obstacles. ‘Heem-Star*.’ Overrules!

Lets ride like the wind, he is the fast one.
Amidst the action, leaves nothing undone.
Legs peddling focus on what he can do,
out there to win, a real Aussie true-blue.

Helmet off centre, now it begins,
etched in his face a glorious grin.
A bowling ball set free crashing through duckpins.
in contrast he’s no timid country bumpkin.

People applaud, left and right.
Flying past them on his bike.
Good heavens what a sight.
Safety first for his plight.

Devoted people, giving their all.
Giving up their time, having a ball.
Captivated, he kept them enthralled.
For they’re the flower’s protective sepal, after all.

Pointing the camera, ready I aim.
He adopts a pose, fame is his game.
“Cheeze,” he shouts, sharp and slick.
I apply pressure, then a click. 🙂



Published by Geelong Writers Inc. 2017.



Solace by Susan Mehr


Sometimes when nothing makes sense …
… is when it makes the most sense.

Rain soothes quenching the thirst as
Anger burns, fiery sunsets dipping beneath the horizon.
Idealism develops philosophy itself.
Nature, the power, mysterious and infinite.
Bravery, strength. Mastering my domain.
Obstacles conquered. Travelling my path.
Wisdom gained as thinkers leap into battle.
Sky transforms, purity displayed.

Each day lingering in the heavens.
The sun’s rays fall playing in a moist mist.