Smile by Susan Mehr

Alone she sits, an empty shell in a silent place lost within. Time passes while cradling a mug of coffee, enjoying the aroma’s embrace, plunging to sip at a dark bitter taste. Loneliness screams, motivation lost, furthermore a blank canvas awaits the colours of spring. A sardonic smile she gives, burying the pain of a solitary life.

Birds tweet, on a branch above, not only a mere tune, but experiencing the music content and happy. Brushing against her, a cat purrs a welcoming hello at the same time a chorus of leaves rustles in the breeze. Buzzing bees adds to the symphony lured by the sweet fragrance of flowers framing the landscape. Opening her eyes again, refocuses she does. A simple smile given with a nod. A stranger’s priceless gesture, the touch of hope.


Smiles, glints of joy,

priceless, incalculable,

humbling and kind.


Beneath the house is a tennis ball I’m failing to reach.

A sacred space, a different world a house wife will never breach.

Filled with nasties I cannot bear.

Spiders as such, a terrain, I will not share.


With a broom stick, the tennis ball I try to tap,

reaching in as close as I can, there’s still a hefty gap.

Spiders eyes staring back at me.

The terror, the pain, I’m trapped, I’m never free.