Many years endured, fearing fear itself as well as summoning courage addressing pain.  My body numbed for this reason tormenting horrors resume.  Travelling inside the dimensions of the inner mind escaping reality were adventures exist.  Quests taken, fought with danger.  Perilous journeys I dared for one thing searching for a champion, my liberator possessing the power and strength second to none.  I yearn in honour of compassion’s touch for there’s no tears left to cry.

Then a hero born with strengths untold.  Standing tall, paralysed with fear I shouted out.  “No”.  I stare at the ground no more in addition head held high I faced my fears.  “No!”  I repeated.  Demons silenced.  No fear left to feed upon.  My Courage prevailed.

In essence, life’s journey taken believing in the faith of a single ember of the fire that rages within, unleash the storm and to the hope in the end I’ll travel destiny’s road.


Night becomes the dawn
trust in hope be relentless
truly find the way.