Christmas Memories, Past, Present and Future.

Christmas Memories, Past, Present and Future.

On a cloudless humid night almost a dozen years ago I sit on the cool sands of a beach alongside the man I would soon call my husband.  The rising tidewaters cooled our feet, as it surged upward refreshingly surrounding us.  We sat there, in a moment of bliss, watching the twilight, listening to it sizzle as it set in the abyss of the oceans horizon.  We were two different people, from two different races, of two different cultures, from two different religions, reflecting on the decisions we were about to take. I knew then my life will never be the same again.

I still sit on the cool sands of a beach alongside my husband as the rising tidewaters continue to refreshingly surround us, now with two beautiful children running about splashing water, having fun, thankful for the decisions we made a long time ago.  Let us learn from Scrooges conversion in this Immortal Classic, A Christmas Carol.  My view of Christmas has changed opening my minds understanding of the changing world around us.  I will not limit myself to a Biblical version of events.  I open my heart to a more humane version and with Tiny Tim’s time-honoured words, ‘God bless us.  Every one!’.


Summer awakens,

Delightful with all it brings

Life, Joy, Everything.


Season Greetings. Every one.

14 thoughts on “Christmas Memories, Past, Present and Future.

  1. Yes indeed. God bless us every one. I like this slow and relaxing haibun and the wonderful ghosts you have shared with us, sitting on that beach. And actually, the new testament is more humane in its world view.


  2. It sounds like you made quite a wise decision to marry your husband in spite of what some would call difficult obstacles. I especially like that your heart has expanded to include other views on spirituality and life. A wonderfully uplifting haibun!


  3. Loved it Susan. In true haibun style, having learnt from Kanzen Sakura (Tony Hayes Spencer), I wouldn’t have added ‘… ending the haibun …’ The image this created in my mind was full of wonder at people’s courage to do what they know is right in the face of all opposition. It’s not easy.

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